Frequently Asked Questions
(No one has asked yet, but we anticipate these could come up)
Who are you?
Great question, check us out at LittleSisterEnt.com
When will I receive my pre-order?
We aim to provide pre-order on sales that are no more than 60 days til release (unless otherwise specified). You will receive an email notice once the product is officially released and on it's way to you (or a friend, yes, order a copy for your friend)
Why am I having trouble checking out?
Perhaps our shipping trouble-shooting notice wasn't as prominent, here it is:
Are you having trouble checking out? All apparel, music/digital downloads, and movies require separate transactions. We acknowledge this inconvenience and are equally annoyed. We're working towards a solution. Thank you. 
I am a filmmaker/author/musician/blah blah blah artistry, How do I get my work featured in your very very cool and exclusive online shoppe?
Little Sister Entertainment is a boutique distribution and publishing house. You may read more about us here and submit your materials here.
If I have more questions that are not addressed here, who do I contact?
Great question! And maybe your question will make it to this fancy schmancy FAQ page in the future! Please submit additional inquiries to info@littlesisterent.com and include in the subject line LITTLE SISTER SHOP INQUIRY. (We also accept fan mail here... and art... and general recs to cool stuff) (no spam)